Animal Control Placard

See our Animal Control Laws page for full information on any of the placard codes.

You may find one of our placards on your door if you are in violation of any of the following code(s):

For Graham County

  • 94-100 Dog At Large
  • 11-1014-01 Aggressive Dog

For Town of Thatcher

  • 90.23 Running At Large
  • 90.21 License Required
  • 90.22 Tags and Collar
  • 90.24 Number of Dogs (limit 2)
  • 90.27 Barking Dogs

For Town of Pima

  • 6-3-4 Animals At Large
  • 6-3-2 License Required
  • 6-3-3 Tags and Collar
  • 6-3-4 Number of Dogs (limit 2)

General Complaints

  • We have received a complaint indicating that your dog may be violating the Leash Law. Leash laws require that all dogs must be physically confined by a leash, tie-out, or fenced yard with secure gates. This law applies to both public and private property. Violations of the Leash Law are Criminal Misdemeanor offenses carrying a fine. For your dog's safety and the safety of the public, please keep your dog physically confined.
  • We have received a complaint indicating that your animal is disturbing the peace, which is a violation of County Ordinances. Your animal is:
    • Barking
    • Making Other Loud Noises
  • If you still need an officer to respond to your complaint / request, please call again when you are at home.
  • A bite has been reported to the Graham County Animal Control. Please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Rabies vaccination and licensing are required by Arizona laws for all dogs four months of age and older that reside within the Graham County for 30 consecutive days. Licensing is required yearly and vaccination every three years. Violations of the vaccination and licensing laws are Criminal Misdemeanors carrying substantial penalties.
  • We have impounded a _______________, please call the Animal Control Officer if you own this animal. By County Ordinance, you have 3 days to claim this animal.
  • Since you were not present to sign a release for removal of the animal, the officer cannot remove the animal at this time.


This placard is not a citation, it is only a warning. No court action will be taken.

Contact Information

Call our Animal Control Facility at 928-348-6676 or the Sheriff's Office at 928-428-3141 if you have any questions.