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If you believe you have been contacted by any individual claiming to be a Jury Commissioner or been the victim of consumer fraud, you may file a consumer complaint online at You can also call 602-542-5763 (Phoenix), 520-628-6648 (Tucson), or toll-free outside of metro Phoenix at 1-800-352-8431.

Judicial Branch in Graham County

It is the purpose of the Judicial Branch to provide the timely, fair, and efficient administration of justice under law, in a manner that instills and sustains the public's confidence in the judicial system.

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Graham County Courts & Judicial Departments

  • For holidays please see our Holiday Schedule. Not all holidays pertain to every department. Please contact our Graham County Clerk of the Superior Court at 928-428-3100 for all holiday information.
  • Justice Courts are open Monday through Thursday  from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Superior Court

The Superior Court of Arizona in Graham County is part of the state's only general jurisdiction court. The court is therefore a court of record, and every case and filing to go through the court is recorded and preserved by the Clerk of the Superior Court. The Superior Court will hear and decide a large variety of cases to include: 

  • Child Support / Visitation and Custody Issues
  • Civil Matters Involving Real Property
  • Criminal Juvenile Matters
  • Disputes of $5,000 or More
  • Family Law Matters Such as Divorce
  • Felony Criminal
  • Juvenile Dependency Matters
  • Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment.
  • Probate / Estate Law

The court keeps a calendar of all hearings.

Clerk of the Court

The Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court is the record keeper for the court and assists in the public's access to the Superior Court. The Clerk's office files and preserves a record of all court events and documentation. It is also responsible for processing all monies collected by the Superior Court. This includes:

  • Appearance Bonds
  • Bail Bonds
  • Court Ordered Adult and Juvenile Assessments
  • Filing Fees
  • Miscellaneous Service Fees

Other areas of service the Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court provides include:

  • Assisting the Public With Court Access and Record Research
  • Issuing and Recording Marriage Licenses
  • Notary Bonds
  • Process Servers and Bail Bondsmen
  • Processing Applications for Passports
  • Processing Child Support Wage Assignments

Justice Court

The Justice Courts' purpose is to administer fair and timely justice in the following legal matters: 

  • Civil Traffic Citations
  • Criminal Misdemeanors
  • Forcible Detainers and Evictions
  • Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment Not Involving Children
  • Small Claims Civil Suits

There is one Justice Court located in the Graham County Courthouse, 1st floor, Safford.

Adult & Juvenile Probation

The Adult and Juvenile Probation Departments are established by the Arizona State Constitution as the agency responsible for the supervision of individuals convicted of a crime, but are not sentenced to incarceration in prison. Probation is charged with the duty to enforce compliance to the terms and conditions of the Superior Court's judgments in criminal matters. Adult and Juvenile Probation also provides and coordinates various treatment services for probationers, such as:

  • Adult Life Skills Training
  • Drug Abuse Relapse Education
  • Drug / Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation
  • Juvenile Anger Management Therapy