Clerk of the Superior Court

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If you believe you have been contacted by any individual claiming to be a Jury Commissioner or been the victim of consumer fraud, you may file a consumer complaint online at You can also call 602-542-5763 (Phoenix), 520-628-6648 (Tucson), or toll-free outside of metro Phoenix at 1-800-352-8431.

The Clerk of the Superior Court’s office is located on the main floor of the Graham County Courthouse. The Clerk functions under the direction of the Presiding Judge, Michael D. Peterson.


The office has a variety of duties that range from issuing jury summons to marriage licenses. In general, the Clerk’s office is the record keeper for the court and assists the public’s access to the Superior Court judicial system.

Court of Record

The Superior Court is a court of record. Therefore, all documents that are filed in the court are docketed so that records can be tracked. Some of the files are confidential but the majority are public records.

Money Processing

The Clerk’s Office is also responsible for processing all monies collected by the Superior Court. This includes:

  • Appearance Bonds
  • Bail Bonds
  • Court Ordered Adult and Juvenile Assessments
  • Filing Fees
  • Miscellaneous Service Fees

Individual balances for all court ordered assessments are maintained.


A clerk is required to be present at all hearings. It is the clerk’s duty to keep an accurate record of the proceedings, swear in witnesses, and store all exhibits presented during court hearings and trials.

Jury Commissioner

The Clerk of the Superior Court in Graham County is also the Jury Commissioner responsible for maintaining an active jury list for use by the Superior Court and all limited jurisdiction courts in the county.

Child Support

The collection and disbursement of child support payments is the responsibility of the Arizona Department of Economic Security. The Clerk of the Superior Court is responsible for processing and issuing wage assignments, maintaining current information regarding child support orders and address changes, and assisting the public in researching inquiries and / or problems with child support processing.

Additional Duties

In addition to being filing clerks for the Superior Court the other duties the Clerk performs include:

  • Assisting the Public With Court Access and Record Research
  • Issuing and Recording Marriage Licenses
  • Process Servers and Bail Bondsmen
  • Processing Applications for Passports

Additional Services

  • Interpreters are available free of charge

Disclaimer: The Clerk of the Court Self Service Brochure is a courtesy brochure that provides services and attorney’s practicing in and around Graham County. The Graham County Clerk’s office is not responsible for the quality of services that are provided. If you provide a service and would like to be added to this brochure please contact the Clerk’s office at 928-428-3100.