Court Filing Fees

Superior Court Filing Fees

Listed for the following services:

  • Civil
  • Domestic Relations
  • Miscellaneous
  • Probate, Conservatorship, Guardianship and Fiduciary
  • Transfer from Justice Courts

Filing Fees-Quick Reference (Subject to Change)

Civil Fees
Complaint or Petition
Complaint or Petition with Answer
Name Change
Transcripts of Judgement
Transcript of Judgement with Certified Copy
Foreign Subpoena (must have for issuance of an Arizona subpoena) $30
Domestic Fees
Petition for Dissolution
Petition for Dissolution with Response
Petition to Establish Custody
Petition to Establish Custody with Response
Petition for Paternity
Petition for Paternity with Response
Post Petition
Post Petition Stipulation
Miscellaneous Fees
Issuance of Writ
Marriage License
Certified Copies
Probate Fees
Application of Probate
Application of Probate with Certified Copy

Filing Fees-Full Schedule (Subject to Change)

Additional Information

If you are required to pay fines, penalties, fees or other financial obligations as a result of a judgement of this court and you are unable to pay, bring this information to the attention of court staff or the judge because payments over time or other alternatives may be available. Do not ignore your responsibility to pay, as this may result in additional penalties and costs to you. For more information, contact the court at (928) 428-3100 or an attorney.