Permits & Hearing Forms

Forms are also available in the Graham County Planning and Zoning Office. You may also contact 928-428-0410 for more information.

Building and Installation Permits

All building and installation permits are to be submitted using this portal. Make sure to upload your building plans, plot plan sketch, and power of attorney forms so that your submission is not rejected.

Use Permits

The Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Supervisors find that there is a need in Graham County for the issuance of Use Permits for those uses, which may be permissible in the various zoning districts that provide for conditional use, and which are required for the proper function of the County or constructing a public/private facility. 

  • The application for a Use Permit is also available at the Graham County Planning and Zoning office or by calling 928-428-0410. 

Temporary Use Permits

The Board of Supervisors find that there is a need in Graham County for the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) for those temporary uses which are required for the proper function of the County or in the construction of a public/private facility. Such uses shall be conducted so that they will not be detrimental in any way to the established economic or social uses and values of adjacent or surrounding properties or to the County. The following uses qualify for a TUP:

  • Manufactured or mobile home or travel trailer intended as a temporary residence for up to ninety days or during the construction of a permanent residence or facility for up to twelve months.
  • The placement of a manufactured or mobile home, or travel trailer as a second dwelling to care for an elderly person, a caregiver, or someone unable to care for themselves.

A TUP is personal and does not adhere to or run with the land. It is not transferable and it terminates automatically on the date specified on the “permit” or at such time it is found any other specified condition has not been met. 

Minor Land Division Affidavit

For the protection of the community in general and each successive lot owner specifically, minor land division regulations are established to assure that the division of land complies with applicable zoning regulations and does not constitute a subdivision (six or more land splits when each lot or parcel does not exceed 36 acres in size). The County is authorized by ARS 11-831 to review minor land divisions. Any applicant proposing a land division shall file Minor Land Division Affidavit application with the Director. The application shall include:

  • Verification by Planning & Zoning of appropriate zoning or an application for rezoning.
  • A completed and notarized Minor Land Division Affidavit sheet.
  • A signed Acting In Concert statement sheet.
  • The original deed showing the legal description of the existing parcel.
  • A new deed(s) showing a legal description of each proposed parcel, along with any access or utility easements.
  • A survey from a licensed surveyor or engineer with dimensions showing existing and future parcel lines, structures, utilities (including septic system, if applicable), fence lines, and all easements.  Do not record until split is approved.
  • Treasurer's Office staff initials on the Minor Land Division Affidavit, verifying that the taxes are currently paid up.

Petition of Exception

With regards to subdivision regulations, any map submitted with deviations from specifications and standards as required by these regulations shall not be processed until a Petition of Exception is submitted.