In house program taught by JPO for one hour once every other month.

Community Restitution Work Crews

The Probation Department assigns juveniles to work crews for community restitution or approved non - profit sites during the year under the direction of the JPO / SO.

Parental Work Service

The Probation Department assigns juveniles to work service hours to be performed under the direction of parents at home or elsewhere.


The Court / Probation Department contracts with several qualified therapists throughout the county who provide individual, family and group counseling to juvenile offenders and their families.

Detention Substance Abuse Treatment

Juvenile probationers experiencing serious substance abuse problems may be ordered into the 60 day detention program. This program offers an intensive substance abuse counseling program known as the 7 Stages Counseling program. Second and third offenses maybe ordered to do the 30 day Courtesy Relapse Program and finally the 30 day Reclaiming-Self in detention programs.

Drug Court

This program is operated by the court in Graham County and services adjudicated juvenile offenders experiencing significant substance abuse problems. A team approach is emphasized which consists of the judge, county attorney, defense attorney, treatment provider, educational representative, coordinator and probation officer who regularly review assigned cases. Juvenile participants appear before the court at frequent intervals and receive immediate reward, usually verbal commendations, for positive behavior and immediate sanctions, usually detention, for non-compliant behavior.

Parent Counseling With Drug Court

Parents of juveniles placed in the Drug Court program attend specialized weekly parent counseling focusing on drug and alcohol abuse and related issues.

Residential Treatment Center

The administrative office of the Courts contracts with a number of residential treatment centers throughout the state for juveniles in need of more structure than foster homes can provide. There is limited funding through the court for these programs. Juveniles may be placed in an RTC through Title 19 by SEAHBS or CPS.

Detention / Educational Support

Probationers having a positive educational goal will find while in detention having an opportunity to receive their GED or take college classes with Rio Salado while doing their detention time.


The Probation Department utilizes several psychologists and psychiatrists from the AOC Treatment List to provide psycho-educational, psycho-sexual and psychiatric evaluations for juvenile offenders.

Incentive Programs

This program allows probation officers to offer non-monetary incentives such as Dairy Queen or Pizza Hut treats, summer swim passes, school supplies, emergency clothing to probationers who have completed agreed-upon treatment goals.

Health 101 Class

Mt. Graham Community Hospital meets with juveniles referred to educate them on healthy living lifestyles, sexual transmitted diseases and abstinence.

Juvenile Ncti Truancy Program

The Probation Department's NCTI instructor has a 6 hour class covering the NCTI Truancy curriculum. Schools refer truant juveniles to the court and through the diversion program/standard probation this specialized class is ordered as consequence.

Anger Management Group Counseling

A local mental health counselor holds group for two sessions of 2 hours each session.

Sex Offender Counseling

Once a week, all sex offender juveniles meet with a sex offender therapist who is contracted to this specialized group with counseling and intensive treatment, and polygraph examinations.

Family Counseling

Open to any juvenile in need of counseling residing in Graham County referred by Courts, schools, parents, or probation officers. Counselors are contracted through a limited service contract unless they are on the AOC vendor list. A limit of three hours will be approved per juvenile or family.