Adopt a Pet Today

Adoption Process

Please visit our Animal Control Facility to see all of our friends who need a home or call 928-348-6676. For more information see our department Pet Adoption page.

Flyer (PDF)

Desert Cross Veterinary Hospital Flyer

Graham County Animal Control Asking for the Public’s Help

Keeping Track of Pets

We want to express the importance of tagging or micro chipping dogs and cats or even writing your phone number on their collar with a marker and get them registered so that the Graham County Animal Control Facility can get your pets back home with you. If your pet does go missing, please stop by our facility and check if we have your pet instead of calling. It is hard by a phone call to determine if we have your pet as we may have a few at that time that match your description.

Facility Versus a Rescue

We would like to remind the community that the Graham County Animal Control Facility is not a rescue. We are getting too many strays. The wonderful Humane Society of Southern Arizona and the Arizona Animal Welfare League that comes from out of town into our Facility cannot save them all.


We have a lot of wonderful sweet animals looking for their forever home and to be loved. Dog2Come by the Graham County Animal Control Facility is at:
300 W Old Country Club Road
(first road south of Griffin’s Propane)
Safford, AZ 85546

Facility Versus a Pet Store

Please stop before considering buying your pet from a pet store. You will find your best friend and companion that will show you endless amounts of love here from us.

Fees & Benefits

Our adoption fees are also less than the cost of an animal from an overpriced pet store. Our adoption fees are $95 for males and $105 for females where the fee covers spay and neuter plus their rabies shot. 

Dog Holding a Thanks Sign