Burn Permits

Property owners are required to obtain permits from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) for the purpose of conducting open burning. Copies of Open Burning permit applications and permit requirements are available from our county Health Department located at:

826 W Main Street
Safford, AZ 85546
Phone: 928-428-1962

The completed applications must be forwarded to ADEQ for approval.

Purpose of Permit

Open burning permits are typically issued for the purpose of weed abatement in rural areas of the County, but will not be issued for the burning of garbage or other prohibited materials. Also, permits may not be issued for properties less than one acre in size, or within subdivisions or the city limits of Safford, Pima or Thatcher (those towns or ADEQ are responsible for issuing burn permits within their jurisdiction). All open burning must be conducted no closer than fifty feet to the nearest structure, during the hours of the day that are allowed by state regulation, and water or other resources must be available to quickly extinguish the fire if necessary.