Elected Officials

  1. County Elected Officials
  2. Federal Elected Officials
  3. State Elected Officials
  4. Precinct Committeemen

Term of Office 2017 to 2020

  • Alder, Darlene (R), County Assessor
  • Allred, Preston "P.J." (R), County Sheriff
  • Angle, Kenneth A. (R) County Attorney
  • Bingham, Mary (R), County Treasurer
  • David, Paul R. (D), Supervisor District Number 1
  • John, Wendy (R), County Recorder
  • McGaughey, Donna (R), County School Superintendent
  • Palmer, James A. (R), Supervisor District Number 2
  • Smith, Danny (R), Supervisor District Number 3

Term of Office 2019 to 2022

  • Griffith, Gary (R), Justice of the Peace District Number 1
  • Torrio, Heidi (R), Clerk of Superior Court
  • Palmer, Wyatt (R), Justice of the Peace District Number 2
  • Peterson, Michael (R), Superior Court Judge