Parcel Info Search

The Graham County Assessor’s office welcomes you to our Parcel Information Search. The information on this website is provided as a public service. This database allows users to access sales data, ownership information, and land and improvement details for multiple years. It can also link to our county GIS maps.

We have tried to ensure that the information provided on this webpage is accurate. However, the Assessor’s Office does not guarantee that the information provided is accurate, complete or current.

If you believe any information on this web site is incomplete, out-of-date, or incorrect, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 928-428-2828.

When the parcel you are inquiring about is displayed under “General Information,” click on “Link to Parcel on GIS.” This will take you to the GIS maps. While in the GIS maps you can click on a different parcel and it will bring you back to the “Parcel Information Search” where you can find data on that parcel.

Please read the following information before continuing your search:

  • When entering a Parcel Number, do NOT include dashes.
  • When searching by name, enter the last name first.
  • Hint: When searching by address, sometimes less is best. For example: if the address: 1234 E. Main Street does not populate, try entering just 1234 or just Main Street. It will display all addresses beginning with 1234 or all addresses on Main Street.
  • Under the “Value Information” tab, “Appraised Value” is equivalent to “Full Cash Value”.

If you have any questions please contact our Graham County Assessor’s Office at 928-428-2828.