Payments, and Non-Payment Sanctions

If you either admit, or are found responsible, you can assume there will be a fine associated with your case. (see “Fines” in this web site)  You are expected to pay that fine at that time.

Cash can be delivered to the clerks;   Money Orders/Cashier Checks may be mailed (don’t mail cash);  Credit/debit cards may be taken over the internet. see EZ-Track on this web site.) 

Installment payments    If however, you cannot make payment in full, you can arrange with the court to pay in installments over time, but an additional $20 fee will be added.   If you are approved to make installment payments, and then default on one of your payments, your driver’s license can be suspended without further notice. That is an MVD action not a court action.  Therefore, if an emergency which will prevent you from making your installment payment has occurred, you must contact the court and ask for a temporary waiver of your payment.

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13. Payments, and Non-Payment Sanctions
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