What is a tax deed sale?

The properties offered through a Tax Deed Sale are properties that have been on the County Treasurer’s delinquent list but were not sold at the Treasurer’s Tax Lien Sale.  The properties have passed the allowed time for the homeowner to redeem the state tax liens and now have been deeded to the State of Arizona.  Graham County acts on behalf of the State of Arizona by selling properties for back taxes due, plus any liens and administrative fees. Once sold and deeded the properties will be assessed and put back on the tax roll under the new owner’s name.

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1. What is a tax deed sale?
2. When and where will the Tax Deed Sale auction be advertised?
3. How do I register for the Tax Deed Sale auction?
4. Are there additional fees?
5. What type of payment is accepted?
6. Will I receive a deed the day of the auction?
7. What if I cannot attend the sale or I am interested in a property not sold at the auction?
8. Will you send me a list or put me on a mailing list?
9. What is the difference between a Tax Lien Sale and a Tax Deed Sale?