What is the difference between a Tax Lien Sale and a Tax Deed Sale?

When you purchase a tax lien, you are not purchasing the property.  You are purchasing a lien against the property.  A tax lien holder is then eligible to receive interest back on the payment when the taxes are paid by the homeowner.  A tax lien holder has no rights to the property.  However, if the homeowner does not pay the taxes within a certain amount of the time, the lien holder can attempt to foreclose on the property to force payment or obtain a deed.  The Treasurer’s website has more information on this process.

When you purchase a property through a Tax Deed Sale, the property has already been through a tax lien sale and due to non-payment over several years has been deeded to the State of Arizona. These properties are available for the first time in December and then available over the counter throughout the year.  Once the tax deed process is complete a deed is issued to the purchaser.  The deed is issued WITHOUT WARRANTY.  The County does not warrant the title and the property is deeded AS IS.

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9. What is the difference between a Tax Lien Sale and a Tax Deed Sale?