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  1. Change of Address
  1. Request a Presentation

    All community groups, organizations or service clubs may request a presentation from our Graham County Assessor, Darlene Alder. The... More…


  1. Victim Services Evaluation Survey

    The Graham County Attorney's Victim / Witness Program is committed to providing excellent services to victims of crime. Because you... More…


  1. COVID-19 Vaccine Registration Form

    This registration form is for those 65 and older. You will need to provide proof of Graham County Residency when obtaining the vaccine... More…


  1. Graham County Candidate Packet
  1. Poll Worker Request Form

    "Be a Poll Worker" Please submit the following information if you would like to become a Poll Worker. You must be a resident of... More…

Human Resources

  1. Graham County Employment Application

    Graham County Employment Application

Planning & Zoning

  1. Application For A Building Permit

    Graham County Planning & Zoning Department.

  2. Complaint / Comment Form
  1. Application For Installation Permit

    This is NOT a permit and work should NOT proceed before an approved permit is issued.