Charles J. Gatwood

Eastern Arizona Regional Juvenile Detention
Title: Administrator
Charles Gatwood

Supervises Juvenile Detention Officers assigned to the detention facility and schedules staff for:

  • Acts as media officer, authorizing information to be distributed to the news media and the general public regarding operations of the detention facility
  • Answers citizen and detainee complaints regarding detention facility operations
  • Assures that food services, clothing, and other necessary provisions are available
  • Contracts for the delivery of services or otherwise assures that education, medical, psychological, counseling and other programs are provided in accordance with established requirements
  • Daily operations
  • Develops and enforces detention facility's policies and procedures
  • Evaluates the performance of assigned staff and enforces progressive discipline as necessary
  • Performs other duties as assigned prepares reports, budgets, and grant applications, and maintains records related to the custody of juveniles
  • Requires on-call status as directed
  • Reviews referrals, police reports, juvenile records, affidavits, and other documents regarding detainees to ensure that legal requirements are met and that the detainees are available for trials, hearings, and release programs
  • Schedules and provides initial and ongoing staff training
  • Supervises the maintenance of the juvenile detention facility and equipment

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